We’ll never put anything on our popcorn that we haven’t carefully sourced. Just good honest ingredients in wonderful combinations we think you’ll love.

  • Sweet & Salty
  • Salted Caramel
  • Smoked Mexican Chili
  • Sesame & Sea Salt
  • Roasted Peanut
Hand-popped happiness

Hand-popped happiness.

Our popcorn is traditionally hand-popped, in small batches in steel popping pans. We do it the old-fashioned way so we can get exactly the right depth of flavour and crunch.

The king of corn.

We insist on sourcing a jumbo-sized corn, which pops into a giant mushroom shape; this ensures that each piece is coated more consistently and gives you a far fuller and more robust taste.

The king of corn
Healthy not stealthy

Healthy not stealthy.

We don’t smother our popcorn in oil. We don’t add any sneaky ingredients. We don’t take shortcuts. Our popcorn is just lovely, light and perfectly flavoured. And yet, Blooms popcorn compares very favourably with other retail popcorn in its calorie count. So you get great taste AND can be calorie conservative!